Bible Society of Malawi donates Bibles

Bible Society of Malawi donated 20 Bibles to be given as part of the prizes for the finals of the WHY WAIT quiz competition. The Why Wait programme is a life-skills character development curriculum that gives young people sensible reasons to abstain from premarital sex and to make informed decisions regarding their future by:

  1. Educating them in principles of character and moral development.
  2. Helping them to develop healthy self-concepts.
  3. Empowering them to withstand social and sexual pressures

Through WHY WAIT FLAEM hopes to assist in the national effort to curb the AIDS epidemic in Malawi through the redeemed hearts, renewed minds, and changed behavior of teachers and youths, and through these people to transform the communities and cultures in which they live.

The donation of the Bibles will greatly help in this noble work as the recipients will be able to read the Word of God on their own. Many families in our project area do not have Bibles. FLAEM would appreciate donations of more Bibles for the over 20,000 learners that WHY WAIT is reaching out to.

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