Why Wait?

WHY WAIT? Is a Life Skills Curriculum tailor-made to specifically address, in age- and culture-appropriate ways, the needs of primary school pupils from Standards 5 to 8 and secondary school pupils from Forms 1 to 4. It is a life skills, character development curriculum. It addresses the importance of the biblical worldview, which shapes both the individual’s beliefs, values and behavior, as well as those of the society at large. The goal is to encourage the development of character, which results in behavior that will be beneficial not only to the individual in his/her own life, but also to the lives of his/her fellow human beings. The objectives are to transfer to students knowledge, skills, and desire:

  • Knowledge – what to do and why
  • Skills – how to do it
  • Desire – to do it

The program gives young people sensible reasons to abstain from premarital sex and to make informed decisions regarding their future by:

  1. Educating them in principles of character and moral development.
  2. Helping them to develop healthy self-concepts.
  3. Empowering them to withstand social and sexual pressures.

In the process of teaching the curriculum, the teachers themselves learn the life skills that they are teaching the pupils. Most teachers never had the opportunity to learn these life skills when they themselves were in school. In addition, the teachers acquire in-depth knowledge about HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse, and other risky behaviors, which will enable them to counsel their pupils competently.

FLAEM has already reached out to over 80 primary schools in Mulanje and Thyolo. However, for 2013/14 academic year concentration will be in in 55 schools only in Mulanje district. The schools are in five of the district’s thirteen zones.

Download recent project reports here:

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