Opening of the new academic year in Malawi

Following the opening of the new academic year for schools in Malawi, FLAEM conducted review and planning meetings with head teachers and their deputies in the zones where the Why Wait programme is being implemented.

The meetings went well in all the four zones. It was encouraging to note that while teachers were not teaching in the schools because of the delay in payment of their October salaries they still decided to come for the FLAEM meetings. This is a clear indication that they take Why Wait seriously. FLAEM is thankful to the head teachers and their deputies. We cannot take their commitment for granted.

The meetings enabled the participants to share their successes and challenges in the previous academic year. One of the big plans agreed during the meetings is that a Quiz Competition will be organized. A district champion (school) will be declared in June 2015. To make the competition successful and motivate the learners, we need to give prizes. Currently FLAEM does not have the resources for this, Please help us to achieve this noble cause.

Participants from Chambe zone

Participants from Maveya zone

Participants from Namphungo zone

Participants from Ulongwe zone

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