Why Wait? is “self-contained”

Jimmy Villiera, Primary Education Advisor, for Chambe Zone, recently described Why Wait? as a self-contained curriculum. Villiera said this when the five Primary Education Advisors from the zones where the programme is being implemented and FLAEM officials had a meeting with the new District Educational Manager for Mulanje, Mr. Enock Chumachao. Mr. Chumachao has succeeded Mr. Gossam Mafuta.

Villiera justified his claim by saying that Why Wait? touches on all subjects that learners cover at the primary school.

The new DEM has committed himself to seeing that Why Wait? gets all the necessary support from his office down to the schools. FLAEM is very grateful and does not take this kind offer for granted. We are grateful to God for seeing to it that whoever comes to head the education office in Mulanje favours Why Wait?

And right from the first meeting the new DEM has challenged FLAEM to do its best to extend the activities to the remaining eight zones of the district. We therefore wish to extend this invitation to well wishers to support us financially.

Photos: Learners draw what they think they looked like when they were toddlers. Although this is happening during Why Wait? it is actually expressive arts, one of the subjects in the school syllabus. This vindicates Villiera.

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