Mulanje District Education Manager re-commits himself to supporting WHY WAIT activities

The District Education Manager for Mulanje, Mr. Gossam Mafuta, has  recommitted to giving full support of the WHY WAIT activities. Mr. Mafuta made the commitment when Lloyd Khanyanga, Executive Director of FLAEM had a meeting with him. The aim of the meeting was to brief him on the work of FLAEM for the past academic year and also the plans that FLAEM has for the new academic year.


During the meeting, Mr. Mafuta expressed satisfaction with the work of FLAEM in the schools in Mulanje. He said that WHY WAIT is not only  helping the learners but teachers too. He mentioned the fact that in the schools where FLAEM is working indiscipline cases for both learners and teachers have gone down tremendously.  He further said that by training teachers who in turn teach the learners, FLAEM is using the best approach because the teachers will always be there even if FLAEM left.  Mr. Mafuta also said that the moral aspect of the WHY WAIT approach helps the learner to get both education and wisdom.

While satisfied with the work in the four zones of the district, Mr. Mafuta had one plea. He really wished FLAEM was able to reach out to all the thirteen zones in the district. He said this would ensure that all learners and teachers in the district “speak the same language”. We hope that the Lord will move you to respond accordingly to this plea by joining those who are supporting FLAEM.

Mr. Mafuta is a seasoned educationist and for him to make these strong statements, we know he is really impressed and satisfied with the WHY WAIT programme. Please adopt a school to help make this dream a reality.

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