Refresher courses for Why Wait teachers

FLAEM believes in quality. Because of this belief, every year FLAEM organises refresher courses for the teachers who teach WHY WAIT in the schools where the project is being implemented. The refresher courses give the teachers from the different schools an opportunity to come together and share their experiences, challenges and successes in the implementation of the project. In addition to this, FLAEM staff has the opportunity to interact with the teachers as a group (usually FLAEM staff meet teachers in their schools during supervisory visits).

This year teachers from Chambe Zone had their refresher course from 22 to 23 December, 2015. The course attracted 84 teachers from thirteen schools in the zone. In addition to refreshing those who had the opportunity to be trained in the past, some new teachers were also formally oriented.

At the end of the course the teachers were very grateful for the opportunity to be refreshed and oriented. The teachers re-committed themselves to doing all they can to ensure that the WHY WAIT
activities are implemented accordingly. The two Primary Education Advisors who attended the course, William Namakhula, and Jimmy Viliera, promised to continue supporting FLAEM.

FLAEM is looking for more funds to run more refresher courses. Please support us by adopting a school.


Participants to the refresher course.


SWOT analysis was one of the topics during the course.


One of the groups doing a SWOT analysis.


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