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Motivating learners

After observing a Why Wait? lesson during visits to the schools, learners are asked questions to check if they followed and understood the lesson. It is amazing to see how the learners demonstrate their unquestionable understanding of the lessons.

The learners that do exceptionally well get presents. The presents are exercise books and pens. Although one may be tempted to think that the presents are not that much, one needs to see the big smiles and faces of surprise that the recipients wear to understand what the prizes mean to them.

Photos of some recipients of the prizes pose with their teachers.

Head teachers serious with Why Wait?

It is very encouraging to see that head teachers are taking Why Wait more seriously than before. A visit to each school shows undeclared competition among the schools. During the recent meetings with the head teachers and their deputies, all the schools talked about the different initiatives they were taking to ensure that Why Wait? is given the place it deserves.

And like they say “the taste of the pudding is in the eating” visits to the schools have proved that what the schools are saying is true.

The head teacher of Nkanda Primary School has a check list on the teaching of the lessons in his office. Through the check list he is able to follow and ensure that Why Wait? lessons are taught accordingly.

(Photo: Head teacher for Nkanda Primary School and his deputy. Lessons check list)

Be a friend to make friends.

Many head teachers have shifted into high gear by allocating themselves classes to teach Why Wait. Usually head teachers spend most of the day in the office or they go to classes to supervise the teachers. However, following the challenge by FLAEM that heads who want to have real impact on WHY WAIT they should start teaching, some head teachers have already started teaching.

During a school visit to Namphungo school the head teacher, Sebastian Phiri, taught standard seven on “Be a friend to make friends.”

(Photo : Phiri teaching.)

School visits intensified

During a meeting with Primary Education Advisors from the five zones we are working in Mulanje, we agreed to intensify joint school visits (FLAEM staff and the PEAs).

Following this, on 5th February FLAEM Executive Director, Lloyd Khanyanga and the five PEAs observed a lesson at Mulanje CCAP Mission School. The lesson was taught by Rose Phiri, a standard seven teacher.

At the end of the lesson, it was unanimously agreed that the teacher had presented the lesson brilliantly. FLAEM decided to appreciate and recognize the teacher who is studying for a degree (doing part time studies) . Rose was given a school bag and note books.

(Photo shows Rose Phiri receiving the bag from Cryton Malinda – PEA for Ulongwe Zone where Rose is teaching)

Meeting with head teachers and their deputies

As one way of improving delivery and reporting of Why Wait? lessons we organized a meeting with head teachers and their deputies.

Several issues were looked at. However, the issue of reports took centre stage. Reports of the previous term were reviewed in detail. Each head and his /her deputy was given reports of a different school to scrutinize. They were to identify all strengths and weaknesses based on this agreed reporting standards.

The plenary session was very interesting and full of laughter. It was clear that the exercise was taken seriously and objectively. At the end it was agreed that this was a better way of learning together. We hope that reports for this school term will be better.

(Photos show heads and deputies during the exercise.)


Ulongwe Zone heads and deputies

At the beginning of each academic year FLAEM runs training sessions for head teachers and their deputies in preparation for the training of patrons. During the training of the heads and deputies, a number of things are tabled. Among them is the reflection of the past academic year and planning for the new academic year. The sessions are very crucial because they set the tone of the new academic year. This year the heads also reviewed the reports that each school submitted at the end of the previous academic year. It was a very interesting activity and the participants learned from one another. One of the exceptional things that happened was that they freely critiqued the reports in a very friendly atmosphere. This is one of the things that FLAEM is trying to promote among the teachers – that they should be able to identify their weaknesses as strengths.

sam_7007The photo shows heads and deputies from Ulongwe Zone.

Why Wait in high gear

The 2016/17 academic year has started with a bang as far as Why Wait is concerned. The running of the quiz competition at the end of last academic year has kind of woken up all schools participating in the Why Wait Programme. Every school is eager to win the competition this academic year. This has brought about a very healthy competition among the schools. A visit to each school shows that both teachers and learners are very serious. The competitive spirit is seen even among the Primary Education Advisors who are the officials of the zones.

We want to thank God for using the quiz to turn things around. The teaching of Why Wait is getting better and better! While we are celebrating this, we know the pressure this puts on us (FLAEM). Among other things this means we have to start thinking of better prizes for the winners in June 2017. It is our hope that the Lord will provide!! We therefore wish to start appealing in advance to well wishers to start thinking about joining hands with us. The adopt a school campaign is still on – please join us. For details please contact us and we will be glad to discuss with you.


The photo shows one of the crowded classes during a Why Wait lesson at Nkanda primary school.

Ruo school are 2016 Why Wait quiz champions

Ruo Primary School won the 2016 Why Wait quiz competition after beating three other schools. The competition was very closely contested as the winning school won by a difference of one point from runners up (41-40 points).

Individual learners got different prizes including beautiful school bags and other necessities for the next academic year.

In the picture, the head teacher for Ruo primary school, Mr. Hobson Kandani poses with his team (the winning team). (The head teacher is showing a beautiful wall clock with the name of their school and a description that they are the 2016 champions).

Ivon Chabwera appointed ATV ambassador

During the finals of the Why Wait quiz competition, the Managing Consultant of ATV, a privately owned television station, Dr. Rodrick Mulonya, appointed Ivon Chabwera the ambassador of the television station for children. Ivon, who is a standard six learner, was appointed following her superb performance during the competition. Ivon played a big role towards the success of her school, Ruo, that won the competition. ATV intends to make the necessary arrangements for Ivon to be presenting children’s programmes at the television station. Dr. Rodrick Mulonya was guest of honour on the day of the competition as well as the gift presentation.

FLAEM is very grateful to ATV for the good gesture. ATV also provided free recording and air time for the broadcasting of the quiz competition. The beaming of the programme will motivate the learners to fight for a place in next year’s competition.

In the picture Ivon is posing with FLAEM Director, Lloyd Khanyanga on the left and Dr. Mulonya on the right.

Bible Society of Malawi donates Bibles

Bible Society of Malawi donated 20 Bibles to be given as part of the prizes for the finals of the WHY WAIT quiz competition. The Why Wait programme is a life-skills character development curriculum that gives young people sensible reasons to abstain from premarital sex and to make informed decisions regarding their future by:

  1. Educating them in principles of character and moral development.
  2. Helping them to develop healthy self-concepts.
  3. Empowering them to withstand social and sexual pressures

Through WHY WAIT FLAEM hopes to assist in the national effort to curb the AIDS epidemic in Malawi through the redeemed hearts, renewed minds, and changed behavior of teachers and youths, and through these people to transform the communities and cultures in which they live.

The donation of the Bibles will greatly help in this noble work as the recipients will be able to read the Word of God on their own. Many families in our project area do not have Bibles. FLAEM would appreciate donations of more Bibles for the over 20,000 learners that WHY WAIT is reaching out to.